[HOT] OSM Fiji linked with U-Report for TC Winston response

Kate Learmonth kate.learmonth at gmail.com
Tue May 10 20:29:31 UTC 2016

Dear HOT list,

I am working with UNICEF Pacific to roll out U-Report Fiji as a pilot
community feedback mechanism for TC Winston. This will be the first time it
will be government-led and used in this type of emergency response. The
Fijian Government is also interested in using U-Report for early warning,
early response

Due to errors in OSM for Fiji we are having trouble importing the map into
the U-Report Fiji site https://fiji.ureport.in (live but not active). I am
hoping someone on the HOT list can assist.

Any thoughts on how to correct and improve OSM Fiji?

I am copying part of an email below for further detail.


We are working closely with the Fijian Government on the implementation of
U-Report Fiji as the foundations of a community feedback mechanism post
Cyclone Winston. As you may be aware the U-Report websites map the polling
data using OSM https://ureport.in (global site).

Our RapidPro Vendor Nyaruka has informed us that there isn't complete data
for Fiji; including at State level with things not being correctly tagged.
For example, the Western boundary has no administrative level. The
Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) Geosciences division works
closely with the Fijian Government and has mapped to 1:50,000 in MapInfo
and could provide the shape files to correct the boundaries and hopefully
improve data completeness (proper permissions and licenses to use the data
in OSM still needs to be formally requested). However, as I am new to OSM I
am not sure how to go about correcting this information on such a large
scale (fyi http://www.spc.int).
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