[HOT] Geotechnology - Nicaragua’s experience with child and youth participation

Felix Delattre felix.delattre at hotosm.org
Fri May 20 18:26:04 UTC 2016

Dear HOT,

last year, we, the Nicaraguan OSM community realized a wonderful
collaboration with UNICEF to map on the Caribbean Coast together with
children of different ages to identity the dangerous places in their

We now have  a complete document documenting the workshops, the methods
and everything available in English language:

“/These kinds of initiative share new knowledge and encourage
innovation/,” commented Philippe Barragne-Bigot, the UNICEF
Representative in Nicaragua, talking about the results of the mapping in
Bluefields. “/They also include children and adolescents, giving them
the opportunity to participate as thinkers and implementers, identify
places of risk and propose solutions to the problems. These experiences
can change children’s lives and also have the potential to change their
environment and—why not?—the world./” (http://en.unicef.org.ni/prensa/140/)

Please feel free to use the information and document for similar
projects you might be working on.

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