[HOT] Sri Lanka Floods Update

Robert Banick rbanick at gmail.com
Sun May 22 10:53:38 UTC 2016

Hi all,

The rains continue in Sri Lanka and with them the flood waters. Several
hundred thousand people are affected and homeless, including several Sri
Lankan OSM contributors. The Disaster Management Centre of Sri Lanka
continues to organize aid delivery to those affected and continues to need
our data to help that process.

At the outset of this response we broke our area of interest into three
parts. As of today HOT volunteers have mapped one entire task, (1913) and
74% of another. We've had mapathons from around the world, including the
actual flood zone in Sri Lanka, helping us get this far. We’re well on
course to complete the entire area of interest and deliver exactly the
services requested of us by the Disaster Management Centre. We’ve already
sent them an interim dataset for our completed work and they’re very

However, we still need some more help to complete our task. If you have
some time this weekend, please consider mapping a few tiles from task 1914


Once that task is complete we'll make an announcement here and open the
third and final task.

Thank you for everyone who got us this far! Thanks in particular to the
mapathon participants in Italy, Denver and even the flood zone in Sri
Lanka. All of you are amazing and we're fortunate to count you as HOT

Keep on mapping!
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