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john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 22:06:51 UTC 2016

I also have a small stack of USB drives that will run JOSM.

Cheerio John

On 15 November 2016 at 16:49, Mike Thompson <miketho16 at gmail.com> wrote:

>> JOSM with the building tool plug in is seen as too complicated by many
>> mapathon organisers.
> The building tool itself isn't too complicated, JOSM itself isn't even too
> complicated, it is getting it installed on everyone's machine.  They have
> to have Java 8, an OS that supports Java 8, download JOSM, install the
> building plugin, turn on remote control, restart JOSM, and accept the https
> cert for remote control. I have made some USB thumb drives pre loaded with
> Java, JOSM and the necessary plugins that solves all of these issues except
> for the OS. So far I have it working for Windows and Linux.  I think it
> will work on Mac, but just haven't gotten that far yet.  I plan on using
> these at a future mapathon.
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