[HOT] happy one year anniversary to YouthMappers and thank you HOT!

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Awesome. Congrats to all the YouthMappers leaders

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On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 3:14 PM, Solis, Patricia <patricia.solis at ttu.edu>

> Dear HOT community,
> One year ago today, we celebrated the *launch
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dca0dUQfU6c>* of this adventure now
> known as YouthMappers. The university *consortium
> <http://www.youthmappers.org/chapters>* we are building around Mapping
> for Resilience has grown in a short time to encompass 42 universities in 13
> countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The approximate one
> thousand students who make up this network have now contributed more than 4
> million edits to OpenStreetMap that directly support geospatial data needs
> for development and humanitarian *projects
> <http://www.youthmappers.org/projects-1>*. The *voices
> <http://www.youthmappers.org/faces-voices>* of young people around the
> world are being heard. With every change to the map, YouthMappers are
> changing minds about what young leaders can do today to make a difference
> in our world.
> Many people are to thank for making this past year so surprisingly
> successful, and it has been my honor to work with each and every one of
> you.  The vision of Carrie Stokes, Director of the USAID GeoCenter in the
> US Global Development Lab has propelled us into this movement. Her team,
> including Chad Blevins, indispensible leader of the Mapping for Resilience
> program, Michael Crino, our valued program officer, and many others in DC
> and in the various USAID Missions, have enabled us to connect the vibrant
> energy on our campuses to the authentic and important work of the
> humanitarian and development community.
> *Tyler Radford, Director of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and his
> crew have been essential in helping us integrate smoothly into the HOT
> community, and we are grateful.  To many others at Peace Corps, MapGive,
> Red Cross, Missing Maps, and beyond, we appreciate your welcoming us from
> the global academic community. *
> Our founding team at George Washington University, West Virginia
> University and Texas Tech University have poured their hearts and dedicated
> their talents to building mappers, not just maps.  My CoPIs Brent McCusker
> and Nuala Cowan in particular have shared and shaped this vision,
> contributing such creativity and camaraderie essential to our success.  For
> all their guidance, knowledge, and efforts, we also appreciate Jamison
> Conley, Mike Mann, Ryan Enstrom, Richard Hinton, Marie Price, Guofeng Cao,
> Kevin Mulligan, Carlos Portillo, and Duane Nellis.  Thanks as well to our
> partners at UGCIS, American Geographical Society, GISCI, TeachOSM and
> Mapillary for adding value to this endeavor for our students.  *Our local
> capacity building collaborators from HOT and elsewhere on the ground have
> accomplished deep impacts that give us real reason to celebrate: Humberto
> Yances in Colombia; James Eshun and Enock Seth Nyamador in Ghana; Douglas
> Ssebaggala in Uganda; Zacharia Muindi  and Erica Hagen in Kenya; and
> Ahsanhul Hoque in Bangladesh.*  The amazing and hard working cadre of
> Virtual USAID GeoCenter Interns deserves much praise as well.
> Most importantly, to the student leaders, chapter presidents, officers,
> members, and faculty advisors of the YouthMappers network, on this
> anniversary, we are inspired by your overwhelming response and continuous
> generosity of your time and talents.  We are listening to your words and
> deeds. We take heart in the face of food insecurities, malaria outbreaks,
> water conflicts, urban inequities, household shocks, droughts, volcanic
> eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, and the many other difficult issues we
> are tackling together.
> Many challenges and opportunities lie ahead in our second year.  We aim to
> continue to ensure that new mappers receive quality education, training,
> and mapping experiences that add value to their career trajectories.  We
> will continue to study our impact and adjust to the needs of the student
> body and the communities served. We will honor and support young leaders
> <http://www.youthmappers.org/apply-leadership-fellows-initiative> with a
> May workshop in Nepal, with thanks in advance to our host Nama Budhathoki
> of Kathmandu Living Labs. We will launch new campaigns to exalt female
> students and undertake gender related development programming with our Let
> Girls Map efforts. We will implement new research fellowships and
> additional rounds of local capacity building, and promote virtual and
> personal exchanges to consolidate our widely distributed network and
> empower the youth community.  We welcome your ideas and participation as we
> continue our next year of this movement!
> Happy anniversary YouthMappers and a merry GeoWeek to all!
> Yours truly,
> Patricia
> *Patricia SolĂ­s, Ph.D.*
> Co-Director, Center for Geospatial Technology
> Research Associate Professor of Geography, Department of Geosciences
> Adjunct Associate Professor, Climate Science Center
> Director, YouthMappers
> www.youthmappers.org
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