[HOT] Sierra Leone Imagery for non-profit?

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Hi Thomas,

This isn’t an official HOT response, so others may be able to offer more specific advice, but my understanding is that any imagery obtained for HOT mapping activities is licensed solely for that purpose, especially the hi-res imagery as that is usually provided on request to assist with specific (post-disaster) humanitarian mapping scenarios.  If you want to use (hi-res) imagery for any other purpose, commercial or otherwise, that isn’t already freely available (e.g. Landsat or Sentinel), and you want it for free/very cheaply, you will probably need to speak directly to the imagery providers (e.g. DigitalGlobe or Airbus) and see what they can offer.  Most of the providers do have some kind of "non-profit” programmes which you could be eligible for, or depending on the nature of your project, you might want to consider teaming up with academic groups or other organisations and apply for research funding/grants to help support the project and the costs of acquiring suitable imagery.  

If you are interested in this latter option, especially if there is a commercial element to it (i.e. monitoring/management for the local governments or companies involved in the mining activities) I could put you in touch with someone at the Satellite Applications Catapult (based in the UK), who could probably help you to explore what options are available.  Full disclosure, I used to work for them for a short time, and know this is the kind of thing they do, and that they are already involved in some other mining/environmental monitoring based projects.



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> On 22 Nov 2016, at 10:46, Thomas Kandler <hallo at thomaskandler.net> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> sorry for the OT, but I have a question with seems suitable for the audience:
> is it possible to aquire high-res imagery (meaning <=10m + maybe multispectral) for non-profit use in Sierra Leone in a cost-saving way?
> The non-profit is aiming to map out the mining activity in the whole country to get a grip on the administration of those activities. Unfortunately they have little to no funds for software or data.
> Just a shot in the dark from me, so ignore if too OT.
> Thanks & have a great day
> Thomas
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