[HOT] Myanmar (Burmese) Translation of LearnOSM is now available

Nick Allen nick.allen.54 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 18:16:59 UTC 2016


Thanks to the enormous efforts of the team from *OneMap Myanmar* with 
*FAUNA & FLORA International*, LearnOSM is now available in Myanmar 
(Burmese). My sincere thanks go to the team responsible for this work.

If you wish to link to this language of the site, the links are;

Main link to site in Myanmar = http://learnosm.org/my/

iD section = http://learnosm.org/my/beginner/id-editor/

JOSM sections = http://learnosm.org/my/josm/


or you can, as usual, begin in any language and then switch using the 
switcher at the top of the screen.

Thanks again for such an enormous contribution.



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