[HOT] A project that needs validators and very experienced mappers

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 03:39:56 UTC 2016

I created a project that is all about validation.


It is for the road network of the most affected areas from Tropical Storm Otto.

The local osm community has asked us to help in some way to improve
their map data as soon as possible. They are GIS skilled folks who
know how to use osm data in real life.

We need validators to basically do road network validation + some
major road (tertiary and above) filling in.

Disaster response folks are using another source for their geographic
data in that area. But as I said, there is an experienced, skilled osm
community in Costa Rica that are working to get OSM data wider
exposure so said it is worth it to them to still do a project like
this to improve the OSM data in the most affected region..

This sort of project is also one that goes well with routing
applications, fixing the low hanging fruit or really easy road fixes
has a great impact on the usability of OSM routing in disaster areas.
We have talked about seeing how we might make projects like this more
standard pre-disaster phase for weather related disasters.

It also gives validators a great over view of an area that might be
coming up more as other building-only type projects so can identify
issues the project creator missed early, if any.

Please, if you are a validtor, let us see what we can do with this
project and your feedback is encouraged.

So lets see what validators, experienced josm users and the road
mapping enthusiasts can do here!

Validators: I know this takes away from validating new users mapping,
which is a critical part of your work, but if you could find a few
minutes to just validate the road data in one task square (they are
big) I think it would really help Costa Rica OSM and OSM in general.


Validators can get support for this project in HOT IRC or the HOT
Slack linked below.

Blake Girardot
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