[HOT] HOT Statistics

Erno Mäkinen ernoma at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 07:11:28 UTC 2016

Hi Mike,

You might like to see these three examples:
* http://ernoma.github.io/mapathon/SPR/
* http://ernoma.github.io/mapathon/SPR_Sept2016/
* http://ernoma.github.io/mapathon/april2016/

The first two examples contain contributions from almost only mapathon 
participants. The last one though includes statistics of contributions 
from people all over the world because there were a lot of people 
contributing after the earthquake in Ecuador.

The statistics are based on the Overpass API data collected in pretty 
much the way as Joost Schouppe suggested. When you use "out meta" mode 
in the query, it includes also usernames.

The code for above examples though not at all polished is also 
(SPR_Sept2016 folder has the latest javascript file). Also, when 
collecting the data from a large area, I strongly suggest to install 
Overpass API on your own server.

Erno Mäkinen

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