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Tyler Radford tyler.radford at hotosm.org
Fri Oct 7 20:34:48 UTC 2016

Dear HOT,

At the HOT Summit, Carrie Stokes, Chief Geographer & Director of the USAID
GeoCenter announced a commitment to support a full design refresh of the
HOT Tasking Manager. While the exact scope of the project is still to be
determined (with your input), this is a major project which will shape how
we think about collaborative mapping in the years to come. Many of you have
been asking for, and helping implement, improvements in the Tasking Manager
over the last year and there are currently over 220 open issues for the
Tasking Manager on GitHub. In the month to come we'll hold a session to
look at the incredible results the Tasking Manager has helped us achieve to
date and then think together as a community about what we want in the years
ahead. As HOT supports dozens of organizations who rely on the Tasking
Manager each day, the USAID commitment is an important step to ensuring HOT
leads the advancement of technology in this space. In addition to USAID,
also committing funding is Australia DFAT under the Disaster Management
Innovation (Indonesia) program. We welcome contributions from additional
partners to ensure we can successfully meet as many requirements as

The immediate next step is we will be hiring a Product Manager who will
guide us through the design process. That person will be setting up an open
community call/forum to begin the project and plan a timeline over the next
6-7 months. An important note is that while the project is supported by
major international donors, the redesign process is one that will be led by
the HOT community (all of us) and the OSM community at large. I look
forward to getting things started!


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