[HOT] Clean mapping in Haiti

Seth seth006 at blarneystone.com
Mon Oct 17 01:59:08 UTC 2016

Interesting. after hearing all the frustration on sloppy mapping after
Hurricane Matthew and slogging through too many unsquared buildings and
duplicates, etc myself, I stumbled across a map in #2235 (Hurricane Matthew:
Gris Gris) at http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/2235 that had an amazing
number of clean tiles that I validated. I don't think it could be that much
of a coincidence that an entire map had such clean mapping. Instead of
spending my time adding buildings and squaring them and removing duplicates
or overlaps, I was able to go from one tile to the next, quickly checking
for anything overlooked and validating it.


I'm wondering if there was something different with that map than others.
Did a particular group lock it down or something? Is there something that
can be learned from a map that somehow got it right? I would love to find
out how to apply whatever happened to that map, to other maps and mappers.
It was a real joy to validate those instead of dreading how many hundreds of
careless errors I would find from one tile to another.


BTW, that map (#2235) is completed and validated and can be archived.




Jim Smith


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