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Hi Pierre,

What organizations are specifically asking for OSM crowd based damage

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On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 8:06 PM, Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> The Potential3.0 team are both Imagery and UAV experts and experimented OSM
> contributors that developped their expertise in Haiti following the 2010
> earthquake. Fred Moine and Presler Jean UAV project started with the Sandy
> Hurricane in 2012. Since then, they organized regular UAV small civil drones
> flights, they worked with hydrologists and collaborated with municipalities
> to identify the most at-risk homes in places such as Rivière Grise and
> Canaan. Municipalities programmes have been set up for the relocation of
> most at risk people.
> Quite a coincidence, Fred Moine arrived in Port-au-Prince a few days before
> the Matthew hurricane for a new UAV mission. He did not know that this would
> be a Long Journey to provide technical support directly to the Haiti Civil
> protection and the CNIGS agency and organize UAV missions in such a
> difficult context it is presently in the south-west peninsula of Haiti.
> With some 80% of houses severly damaged or destructed in some areas hit by
> the hurricane, a vast Program of Reconstruction is organized by the Haitian
> government, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank.
> Since it is not possible to send teams in the cities with the hunger and
> difficult access, these organizations count on Post-disaster evaluations
> from UAV to evaluate the damages and evaluate the financial effort for this
> response.
> Two weeks ago, Fred Moine, Xavier Lamure-Tardieu and Presler Jean started to
> organize the Response in Port-au-Prince with the Haiti OSM community the
> humanitarian response from the field. Long standing Leaders of Activations
> with experience in the development of the Haitian OSM community over the
> last years, we joined-in to support at distance our Haitian collegues in
> such difficult days. Boy scout Association of Haiti joined also to help the
> response and arranged last week Fred's helicopter flight to Jeremie.  They
> are also sollicited to contact people in various areas and identify
> information usefull for the response.
> Experimented OSM contributors needed for the response
> To make a success of this action we need the participation of experimented
> OSM contributors from around the world as we did for other responses in the
> past.
> This MapAction map shows the zones with highest winds and most of the
> damages. The population in these areas is particularly at risk with the
> difficulty to join them, to provide water, food and sanitation and take care
> of the wounded.
> http://reliefweb.int/map/haiti/haiti-hurricane-matthew-general-overview-and-track-6-oct-2016
> The priority zone to look at is west of the RN 7, the main road going from
> Les Cayes to Jeremie.  Also on the north of the peninsula Nippes department,
> areas going east up to Baradères have to be prioritized.
> A priority task for now is to revise all roads in these zones to assure that
> all the villages are connected to the highway network.
> Experimented OSM contributors are also needed to evaluate the damages from
> the UAV images and support the Reconstruction projects.
> Post-disaster tasks
> A "Premiere" in such humanitarian responses with the presence of
> Potential3.0.  We already have UAV images for 5 square km (Jeremie + part of
> Les Cayes).  An other 5km2 should be ready within 24 hours to complete the
> coverage of Les Cayes. The haitian government agencies and international
> organizations are quite impressed to have access to such accurate images
> early in the response. We should give a hugh to the haitian volunteers and
> Potential3.0 for their efforts and reconfort them, let them find the energy
> to continue to respond to such a disaster.
> Fot this Matthews response, Fred accompanied the Civil Protection team last
> week in Jeremie. As a fallen bridge stopped any circulation by road, they
> travelled by helicopter and worked in difficult conditions without
> communication and power. Fred succeeded to bring back near infrared images
> of Jeremie while the other camera was on repair.
> This weekend, the 15, Fred an Presler organized UAV flights over Les Cayes.
> They brought back the 16 the images to Port-au-Prince and processed them
> rapidly, sticking the images together and georeferencing them. As he did for
> many OSM responses, Jean-Guilhem Cailton processed also rapidly produncing
> tiles and transferrting these on the OSM-Fr server. The 17, 5km2 of images
> were already available. Quite impressive!
> The haitian government officials and the assessment teams from the IDB and
> World Bank were astonished to see the operational capacity of this NGO run
> by volunteers, their flexibility, rapidity and technical mastering of such a
> complex operation.
> The post-diasaster tasks are at http://taches.francophonelibre.org/ and the
> instructions in both english and french. Private tasks have been setup to
> assure that experienced contributors only participate to the mapping.
> There is a task presently to complete the evaluation for Jeremie. Once
> completed, the focus will move to Les Cayes.
> UAV NIR image of Jeremie
> https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/fr/map/images-uav-jeremie_107330#20/18.65028/-74.11740
> UAV Color image of Jeremy Port
> https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/fr/map/images-uav-jeremie_107330#21/18.64385/-74.11236
> If you want to help, please contact us and provide us your osm account to
> access the task and contribute.
> Please come and help.
> Pierre
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