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Hi Laura and all,


That is a pretty tight window for the QGIS grant, however I went ahead and added it to the Fundraising Working Group’s ‘pipeline’/spreadsheet. We meet every-other week, next one is Wednesday the 14th; however, we have some projects that are also time sensitive and we may do a ‘less formal’ FWG meeting this week.


If you’re interested in this stuff, we definitely welcome more people (i.e. more people == more opportunities we can apply for). Let me, Tyler or Cheryl know and we can get you into the mailing list, etc.





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Hi Pete,


Thanks for sharing this data in QGIS format with the list. I look forward to taking a closer look.


Speaking of QGIS they currently have a grant application call (due date Thursday September 15th, 2016):




I noticed one of the potential projects they might fund is:


·        Implementing a new feature in QGIS

If there are any developers out there who have ideas about a plug-in that might be used in conjunction with the Tasking Manager and/or MapSwipe that HOT would find useful I'd be happy to read over and provide feedback on a grant proposal for this funding call. I have experience writing/reviewing grants with some technological aspect but not specifically with this organization.


Best wishes,





Laura O'Grady

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On Sep 5, 2016, at 3:36 PM, Pete Masters <pedrito1414 at googlemail.com> wrote:

Hi all, how are you?


Thought some of you might be interested in this: myanmar-results-100.zip <https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwsMM5hElkXEZVdEMWtiS20zVUk/view?usp=sharing_eid&ts=57cda93f> 


It's the full results from MapSwipe contributors for the MSF-requested Myanmar project. There's a qgis project file, shapes for admin boundaries and a results geojson.


This will be the first MapSwipe task that informs a tasking manager project, so we need to work out how best to do that over the coming days!


The project in MapSwipe was completed in around 60 hours by just more than 1000 people, which we are super pleased with. Looking forward to see how it affects the TM process!


Would love to hear your questions and conmments / suggestions...








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