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Wed Sep 7 16:00:01 UTC 2016

Thank you Mhairi,


Just for clarification, I wasn’t under the assumption we are “migrating” away from Moodle. At this point that would be premature as ‘functionality’ in Moodle provides us two very important components: testing peoples’ knowledge/retention of materials and a badging/roster system. I see the GitBooks version more as our ‘content management’ – i.e. it will hopefully be easier to add, remove and enhance the content there. Once all the content is ‘ported’/duplicated in GitBooks my hope is it will be easier to ‘migrate’ content to LearnOSM and eventually we can reduce Moodle to basically just the maintenance of the Activation Roster. I also think it’s going to take some time (probably months) since those of us who attended the AWG meeting don’t have much extra time; maybe during SotM/Summit sprint time, but we’d be ‘competing’ with more interesting things happening at the conference. I was actually planning on helping validate during the MM event at SotM.


So, long story short, everyone should continue utilizing the Courses on our Moodle site (http://courses.hotosm.org) as we also have non-Activation training there and have talked about more courses for ‘staff training’ in the future. Several of the courses are already recommended training for working groups; such as the Reporting and Public Relations role courses for our Communications WG volunteers.




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Hello HOTties,


So we didn't run the meetbot during yesterdays meeting, because I thought it was only Russell and myself that were attending, but luckily Blake, Mikel and Cristiano showed up and some great ideas were discussed:

*	Have new students signup to the Activation curriculum course via a Google Form
*	Each new student will be buddied up with an Activation mentor to guide them and show them the ropes
*	Migrate the Activation course content from Moodle to GitBooks which is more user friendly and easier to maintain
*	Arrange an Activation sprint during the Summit/SOTM to move the content and get input from the community
*	Move Activation WG meetings to the 1st Wednesday of each month at 1400 UTC (next meeting will be on the 5th October 2016)


Unfortunately I won't be attending the events at the end of the month in Brussels, so I leave it up to the other four to coordinate the best time and see it through. Please use the following Google Doc to get yourselves started:




Kind regards,





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