[HOT] Voting for Ramani Huria on OpenStreetMap Awards.

Innocent Maholi innocentmaholi at hotosm.org
Wed Sep 7 22:22:17 UTC 2016

Hi everyone, hope you're doing great!

OpenStreetMap launched the OpenStreetMap Awards
which will be presented this September at the State of the Map
2016 conference in Brussels.
Luckily enough, HOT's project in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
known as "Ramani Huria <http://ramanihuria.org/>" has been nominated under
the category
"Greatness in Mapping Award".
Therefore, we are kindly asking the global HOT community to vote
for Ramani Huria so that we win, as the project has been very
successful and has done a great job.
Hoping to get everyone's vote, Please, place your vote here


Best Regards,
Innocent Maholi
Lead Mapping Supervisor | Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team | Dar es Salaam,
Mob: + <%2B255652250562>255714166665 <http:///>
Skype: innocent.maholi
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