[HOT] HOT-Export Tool problem with shapefiles

Claire Halleux claire.halleux at hotosm.org
Tue Sep 20 09:42:16 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

Since last Saturday, all exports tried for Kinshasa in shapefile format are
including only a very partial amount of the objects in the AOI. The other
export formats are working though.
The issue was replicated using both the HDM and the OSM shema, and both the
thematic and the normal shp export.
For instance, see

We are going to use QGIS for the current urgent needs, but guess that it
could be useful to have this issue solved.

Suggestions welcome.
Thank you.


Claire Halleux
+243 81 611 6998 (Kinshasa, DRC)
OpenStreetMap RDC

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