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Hi Hot,

The CrisisMappers Conference announced their speakers for the upcoming
September event. A number of this community are presenting and/or

Hope you get a chance to meetup

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We are looking forward to hearing from many featured speakers and special
guests at ICCM in coming weeks. Join us in helping welcome Nama Budhathoki
<http://www.attendiccm.com/nama-budhathoki/>, Mahar Lagmay
<http://www.attendiccm.com/mahar-lagmay/>, Kate Chapman
<http://www.attendiccm.com/kate-chapman/>, Sanjana Hattotuwa
<http://www.attendiccm.com/sanjana-hattotuwa/>, JD Bothma
<http://www.attendiccm.com/jd-bothma/>, Declan Ottaro
<http://www.attendiccm.com/declan-ottaro/>, Andrew Schroeder
<http://www.attendiccm.com/andrew-schroeder/>, Hunter Goldman
<http://www.attendiccm.com/hunter-goldman/>, Adin Mbuh
<http://www.attendiccm.com/adin-mbuh/>, Angela Kabari
<http://www.attendiccm.com/angela-kabari/>, Erik Wetter
<http://www.attendiccm.com/erik-wetter/>, Czarina Medina-Guce
<http://www.attendiccm.com/czarina-medina-guce/>, and many more to the main

These leaders in the community will speak about their work at Kathmandu
Living Labs, Project NOAH, Cadasta Foundation, ICT4Peace Foundation, Map
the Philippines, Code for South Africa, Making All Voices Count, Hysteria,
WeRobotics, Flowminder, and more!

See you in Manila!


Jen, for team ICCM

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