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Thank you Sandy for posting that question.

Please do not add anything on OpenStreetMap itself as that node will appear as a random spot in the middle of nowhere and have no relevance.

When you find a square has nothing to map what you do is go back to the Tasking Manager. Above the green button that says “Mark task as done” there is a window that says “Leave a comment”. In the comment window type in the following....There are no buildings in this task square. 
 Then click on the “Mark task as done” button.
This comment will be saved onto the Tasking Manager for that square so that any other mapper who selects that square will see your comment.
I hope this answers your question adequately.
Thank you for your time and contributing to these projects.
Please keep mapping.

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Sorry to post this question generally but I'm not sure who to ask. When
mapping a square that has no relevant features, how should we save the

I've been adding a generic point and then notating: "No buildings visible.
Point added in order to save changes."

Is there a better method?

Thank you,

Sandy Olkowski
Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Plant Pathology
Quantitative Biology and Epidemiology Lab
University of California, Davis
mobile: 530-760-7748 | skype: sandyolkowski

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