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Nate Smith nate at hotosm.org
Mon Apr 24 10:24:48 UTC 2017

Hello HOT -

We’re looking for your input! Fill out this brief survey to contribute your
thoughts and experience of HOT.

Access the survey here (or fill out below):

Vizzuality has assembled this survey as part of our design refresh work.
They’re looking to gather community-wide perceptions of HOT. Please take a
moment to contribute; it should take less than 5 mins of your time. You can
access the survey with the above link <http://bit.ly/hot-perception-survey> or
fill out the form below by selecting the answers within the email and
clicking submit. The survey will be open until *Friday, April 28*.

Thank you,
Design Strategy Working Group

Nate Smith
@nas_smith <https://twitter.com/nas_smith>

On April 24, 2017 at 7:59:28 PM, nate at hotosm.org (nate at hotosm.org) wrote:

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HOT is looking for your input! Fill out this brief survey to contribute
your thoughts and experience of HOT. We will be accepting response through
Friday, April 28.
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Community Perception Survey
Thank you for answering this survey. We are in the process of understanding
how the entire community perceives the name, logo, and work of HOT. The
purpose of the survey is to give insight into the community to inform a
design strategy process. Please answer based on the first things that come
to mind when thinking about HOT.

The survey will take less than five minutes to complete. The answers of
this survey will be used by Vizzuality Design team and will be handled
confidentially. We do not collect personally identifiable information as a
part of this survey nor will we share the raw data publicly. We will
communicate aggregated results to the entire community once the survey is

Which one of these adjectives better represents HOT?
1 2 3 4 5

In my daily life, HOT is...
1 2 3 4 5

A place to volunteer/contribute
A service critical for my job/work
What does the HOT logo and red color signify to you?
Briefly describe the first things that come to mind.
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