[HOT] Picking up the errors

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 23:49:33 UTC 2017

These are just comments, if you have any ideas on how to catch a few more
errors let me know.

I've just been playing with the duplicate building tool and picked up over
a hundred buildings than had been mapped by a new mapper who made just four
edits.  I don't think they completed any tiles.

As I work through a couple of projects I'm currently validating I'm finding
the experience level of the mapper who marked the tile done doesn't
correlate that well with the number of errors.  I think one new mapper
marked half a dozen tiles done.  There were all spot on but the mapper
hadn't actually done any mapping on them.

One new mapper is playing games.  In one section of the project which is
practically just forest they are subdividing the tiles so they get credited
with 16 tiles rather than one.  None of which have much mapping on them.
They are up to 75 tiles completed by now rather than 5 tiles and have
validated two tiles on the project using iD.  I'd love to know which these
were to double check them in TM3.  In TM2 if I was fast enough I could pick
them up quite easily.

A number of "intermediate" or "advanced" mappers have untagged ways etc on
their tiles left over from previous mappers.

Just idle thoughts if anyone has a magic wand let me know.

Thanks John
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