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Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Wed Dec 13 18:52:58 UTC 2017

Really insulting I think. There's nothing wrong in iD, it properly offers
the way to rectangularize the features that are dr'awn, but even if they
are buildings, there will NEVER be any rule that says that buildings MUST
be square (or even circular).

HOT projects provide basic instructions on how to do this in JOSM or iD,
but no editor will ever do that automatically.

Softwares (or their developers) are not responsible if people don't want to
read the instructions or train themselves. OSM will remain open to any one,
and the best we can do, for newcomers, is to welcome them and explain why
what they did was not the best. Still their constributions are valuable:
drawing a single building is still useful, if it is properly poistioned:
squaring is just a detail with minor effect on the precision of maps (even
the post reputable official lansurvey maps contain some errors, including
incorrect orientation of buildings or some inaccuracy about the total
surface really occupied).

For HOT it's important first to locate where people live. And then remember
that OSM is incremental, that the aerial imagery itself will frequently be
offseted or approximately orthorectified (due to poor prevision of data on
altitudes or weak precision of the grid reference survey grid).

Every one does its best, and has to manage his own priorities for what they
feel is really important to them. You just want higher goals for your own
preferences, but we can still build a map that will be useful and very
valuable even if buildings are not as precise as what you'd like to see.
Even if they "square" the buildings, this may be even wrong and sometimes
worse than hand drawing (especially in poor areas, the shapes of buildings
are not really square and forcing everything to use square angles would
create undesired overlaps). When there will be newer better imageries
later, all will be offseted again, and the new adjustment will be larger
than what you though was lack of precision for not squaring the angles, or
ignoring some small artefacts along walls, doors, windows, roofs, which are
not necessarily visible from the aerial imagery.

So please do not insult people because of your own selfish desire or bad
assumptions. Most contributors are using good faith and OSM has a strong
place for personal judgements and priorities, even if there are some goals
advertized in projects like HOT (actually supported by a limited number of
person but with many more users contributing to OSM independantly of OSM or
with other goals).

2017-12-13 17:45 GMT+01:00 Ralf Stephan <gtrwst9 at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> just now 5 out of 5 people that registered within the last 24 hours and
> worked on task #3939 did not square their buildings. I hate you, iD devs.
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