[HOT] Feedback on I think mapswipe

Pat Tressel ptressel at myuw.net
Sun Dec 17 03:20:59 UTC 2017

> I think the mapswipe overlay has now been removed but what I have noticed
> is a number of highways in a straight line are not connected up.  You get a
> stretch of highway then nothing other than a faint mark on the imagery
> followed by another stretch of highway.

What that pattern immediately makes me think of is that people were working
within a grid cell, and just mapped the part of the highway within their
cell, and that the intervening cells have not yet been mapped.  If the
spacing isn't the same as the TM grid, perhaps some folks are using a
different grid, perhaps something self-imposed.  For instance, they might
map the area that shows in one screen at whatever zoom level they're using,
save their work, go off to dinner...

Is the faint mark on the imagery a mapped way of some sort, or is it the
actual highway image?

-- Pat
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