[HOT] Bad Gateway

Katelyn Woolheater kwoolheater at clintonhealthaccess.org
Tue Feb 14 11:40:28 UTC 2017

Hey Blake,
We are having another issue with the Tasking Manager whereby about half of our mappers (15 of 30) can not load the Contribute or the Stats tabs (see attached images).
We had this problem yesterday as well, and I tried on my personal computer at another location to check that it is not the internet quality at our lab…
We have tried clearing history/cookies, using different browsers, restarting, restarting, restarting.

In the meantime, we are mapping directly in OpenStreetMap, however they report that they are nearly finished with populated areas.

Has anyone else reported similar issues?
Any suggestions?


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Hi all,

This has now been resolved and the Tasking Manager is back up!

Thank you for your patience.and thank you to Nate and David for their help!


On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 7:32 AM, Katelyn Woolheater <kwoolheater at clintonhealthaccess.org<mailto:kwoolheater at clintonhealthaccess.org>> wrote:

I have an ongoing mapathon and we are all seeing the same ‘Bad Gateway’ message.

Does anyone know why this might be happening? When it might be back up?


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