[HOT] Traffic accidents in Africa

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Thu Feb 16 23:27:29 UTC 2017


After a MSF's Missing Maps Mapathon I thought about it, with some premisses:
1-if we don't have good satellite images we can have some Crowdstreet pics
as Mapillary or OSC so the we have little idea about how really it is this
2-It exists the key maxspeed with the subkey advisory, we can know this
value because people from the country can say us (What speed do you drive
by in... ) and also by things like GPS tracks or the route itselfs (is
there any bend? how many degrees? how many length?) We can compliment that
with source=survey or source=unofficial, but these values then can be used
as an advisory/recommended Speed with apps like osmand or mapsme.

3-Also we can count the points with more accidents to put some hazard key
as there are so many accidents, be careful.
Example for some track/way

Other example

lenght=3 (km)

With overpass or umaps we can have a complete stats map of dangerous roads
in any place.
Salut i velocitat recomanada (Health and advisory speed)
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