[HOT] Could we get more out of our mappers by asking for less?

Andrew Buck andrew.r.buck at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 17:19:40 UTC 2017

> I think this is a different conversation, I would prefer mappers take a
> little more time and care, some buildings I've seen mapped have little
> relationship to the size or shape of the building.
> Cheerio John

I agree on this.  Especially with respect to buildings.  Roads are
fairly easy to add refinements to by doing them one at a time and using
the replace geometry tool in JOSM, however poorly mapped buildings take
longer to clean up than simply deleting them and mapping them fresh.

I would rather see a user add 10 buildings that are high quality then
100 or even 1000 that have to be remapped by someone else.  Having to
map something that has already been mapped poorly by someone else is
really disheartening.  On the one hand you spend your whole time mapping
thinking about how your work is duplicating that of someone else, and on
the other hand you feel bad about removing their contribution from the
database.  So you get hit with it on both fronts.


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