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Researchers and data scientists in the HOT community: you may be interested
in the challenge below.

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Join “Data for Climate Action” – an open innovation challenge to channel
big data for climate solutions

UN Global Pulse <http://www.unglobalpulse.org/> recently launched the Data
for Climate Action challenge: a call to researchers and innovators around
the world to put their skills to use to help achieve
Goal 13 (combat climate change and its impacts).

The challenge is being implemented in partnership with Western Digital
<https://www.wdc.com/> and with support from
the Skoll Global Threats Fund <http://www.skollglobalthreats.org/>, and has
engaged eleven companies who pledged their data or tools to support climate

Big data can provide dynamic feedback on how communities affect and are
affected by the climate system, and can enable innovation to increase
sustainability and resilience. Data for Climate Action encourages
researchers and data scientists to use this data to accelerate climate

Selected participants will have approximately four months to analyze the
datasets provided by companies and produce papers, apps, tools and/or
platforms. These solutions will be evaluated by a high-level panel of
experts in data science and climate change for a November awards ceremony.
Learn more and apply to participate by 10 April at

Press release available at

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