[HOT] What is up with Bing?

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Hi Ciaran

I checked with the Imagery team and they confirmed the roll out of updated imagery for southern Africa including Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa. The good news is updated imagery, the not as good news is that there is indeed an offset in some areas.

The offset is not systematic, we can’t just nudge everything a few pixels over and have it be better aligned.  And the offset is small enough (on a global scale at least) that it’s well within our specifications for the imagery.
I think Emir’s suggestion to use the JOSM imagery offset tool is your best bet.  Hopefully this isn’t too much of a pain.


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I'm surprised no body else has seen this, or commented as I am told it was the case since yesterday (Friday: AM GMT). It would appear that Bing for central and southern Africa has been re-rectified and that the linework of the OSM drawings look like they were shoved to the west about 3 metres. I then thought it might be an issue specific to me so I asked others and they see it. I thought it might be specific to JOSM and how it recieves the sat imagery and its not that either because ID has the same problem.

Anybody know how to talk to the people in Bing and call them to put central and southern Africa back to the West about 3m? Forgive me if the problem is a southern hemisphere thing, I just looked at Africa.

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