[HOT] Diverse voices tweeting about HOT - What you might have missed

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 12:26:14 UTC 2018

Dear Friends,

I am not a twitter person, but I did happen to look over HOT's twitter
traffic this weekend and was just overwhelmed with the messages of
successes from people.

I am really glad I saw them and feel like I would have missed out if I
did not by chance happen on these. So, hopefully you feel the same way
and here is my HOT's twitter traffic "Can't miss" tweets from the last
few days. I am sure I missed some, as I said, I am not very good at

If you are not a twitter user, you can still click on the links and
see the tweet and the pictures (lots of pictures), and follow links to
other places on the web they shared.

If you are a twitter user, I am sure you will be inspired to retweet
and follow these community builders.

On to the tweets!!


Humanitarian mapping is helping  fishermen to know better their
territories and to be aware on the importance of coastal wetlands.
#Mangroves and #people for resilience #Southerncaribbean #Turbo thnks
to @hotosm #Microgrant #crowdsourcing

Manglares 360º @Manglares360


High school 8th-10th graders learn principles of mapping + resiliency
using @hotosm #Microgrant 2017 maps. Some of them supported the Field
paper and interview process at El Uno Bay last year! Thks HS teacher
Ezequiela Tovar
#COASTMAP #Urabá #Colombia
#scicomm #citizenscience

juan felipe blanco @Mangle_Blanco


Find here the English Version of the blog on the FieldsMapping project
@OSM_Mali lead last September in #Mali
Thank you @liotier translating this into #English
@ProjetEOF @osmafrica @hotosm @TheMissingMaps @Crowd2Map @youthmappers

Nathalie SIDIBE @Honorable_Nath


@hotosm your voice is heard and role of citizen generated data
recognized in discussions at High-level Seminar on Strategic
Partnerships in Official Statistics

Tyler Radford @TylerSRadford


Nous lançons une cartographie #OpenStreetMap participative
d’Ifanadiana à Madagascar pour mesurer et améliorer l’accès aux soins,
avec @hotosm. C’est un projet Coup de Pouce de @ird_fr avec
@pivotmadagascar et @osmreunion, réalisé @UmrEspaceDev & @MIVEGEC
Vincent Herbreteau @vherbreteau


The commitment of @hotosm and @openstreetmap #VOLUNTEERS is so
inspiring and will go a long way in supporting #MalariaElimination
efforts in Botswana. Everyone can support this effort by tracing
buildings or roads

David Luswata @lusdavo


Vayan apuntando en las agendas el día 26 de abril #mapatonhumanitario
#semanadelageografia con @Geografia_UZ y @MSF_Espana cc
@openstreetmapes @hotosm @TheMissingMaps @ZGZActiva

Mapeado Colaborativo @MapColabora


Thrilled to be at #AAG18 to talk w/ next gen geographers about why the
humanitarian sector needs them. A few of the orgs breaking the mold w/
applied #geography : http://mapx.org  @WeRobotics @hotosm @Data4SDGs
@NASAEarth http://thegomap.org  Happy #CitizenScienceDay

Ruth Rhoads Allen @RuthRhoadsAllen


OSM Training at St. Mawaggali Technical College in Choma. It has been
an exciting group, @youthmappers a chapter has been created,
faciltated by @KondananiZambia @hotosm @NetHope_org @markpreston3
@OSMZambia @chombacc @RebeccaFirthy @TEACHOSM

Namitala Gertrude @TrudyHopeB

Blake Girardot
OSM Wiki - https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Bgirardot
HOTOSM Member - https://hotosm.org/users/blake_girardot
skype: jblakegirardot

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