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Thu May 17 18:55:55 UTC 2018

Thanks all for the immediate and great responses.  They were very helpful,
in particular the ArcGIS links.  That's what Army geospatial engineers
(terrain analysts) are trained in.

Just to let everyone know, I got started with this group when I was working
the Nepal earthquake for our logistics headquarters here in Hawaii.  I
moved on to work with engineers where again because of this group, I
realized the value geospatial brings to disaster relief and stood up a
capability, but it didn't deploy.

Now I'm in a position to influence support, and soon, for the first time in
at least anyone's memory, U.S. Army Pacific will actually send a terrain
analyst as part of a relief effort.  Long time coming :)

Just letting you know this because this effort is making positive inroads
in more ways than just OSM.

Take care,


On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 6:41 AM Philippe Verdy <verdy_p at wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> Also it's not evident to see all houses, some of them are obscured in the
> shadow of aligned trees, and may even look like water (pond) and they are
> not always covered by white materials (I think they are covered by wood).
> We lack some alternate views at different hours or from different angles
> (then orthorectified) to compare and make distinctions.
> Rural tracks or even access driverways (including through private
> properties) may also be useful when the normal roads are cut by fractures,
> lava flows or toxic gas. I tkin that there are also engines working around
> to open access tracks through the forest, or clearing some areas in
> emergency for helicopter landing.
> I think that the Hawaiian state must have published a summary map of zones
> to evacuate completely, in which case the real emergency is not in that
> zone if it's already evacuated, but all around where there's a monitoring
> of the situation and plans developed for further evacuations if needed, and
> to map the areas where people are relocated.
> 2018-05-17 18:19 GMT+02:00 Philippe Verdy <verdy_p at wanadoo.fr>:
>> You should have designated the emergency area (notably around Leilani
>> Estates, Nanali Estates and West Puna), which is the most affected for now
>> by the fractures, but possibly also the area affected by toxic gas
>> emissions and the major connection roads that are now unusable (so there's
>> a need to use rural tracks or evacuate by the sea via usable beaches)
>> 2018-05-17 15:57 GMT+02:00 Blake Girardot <bgirardot at gmail.com>:
>>> Hi Dion,
>>> We did create a project to fill in map data for Hawaii's current
>>> eruption area, but the progress has been somewhat slow on the project.
>>> https://tasks.hotosm.org/project/4537
>>> IF there is anyway we can support your efforts or your team members,
>>> please let us know.
>>> Respectfully
>>> blake
>>> On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 1:36 AM, Dion Houston <dionhouston at gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>> > Hi all,
>>> >
>>> > I realize that HOT probably wasn't activated for the Big Island relief
>>> > efforts, but curious if there's anything out there.
>>> >
>>> > It looks like I'm going to be able to send out one of my Soldiers to do
>>> > geospatial work out there, and I'm just curious what I can send him
>>> with.
>>> > I'll get on DigitalGlobe for imagery, but if there's a source for a
>>> revised
>>> > DEM or anything else, I appreciate pointers.
>>> >
>>> > Thanks for being awesome,
>>> >
>>> > Dion
>>> >
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