[HOT] Ebola outbreak in the DRC

Claire Halleux claire.halleux at hotosm.org
Sun May 20 11:35:16 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Many thanks to the 293 OSM contributors and to the amazing validators who
have already participated to the mapping in the Equateur province, since
May 8th.

The 17th task was published this morning to respond to the needs expressed
by Doctors without Borders and the Congolese Ministry of Health.
Yesterday afternoon, while visiting the emergency operation center team at
the Ministry, it was said that the identification of inhabited areas in OSM
(mapped as residential landuse) is particularly helpful to them at the
moment, as well as the detailed mapping of the urban areas, to better
follow the people that have recently been in contact with confirmed cases.

While there's been at least one new case detected each day in the area
since the outbreak declaration, they also wished additional areas to be
mapped as well.
Some tasks are already ready to be added but in order to keep up with the
quality of the data produced (i.e. keeping the rythm with the validation), *we
need more validators*.

If you are already participating to this validation, thank you so much! If
you are not yet but have already significantly contributed to OSM, maybe
it's time to give it a try...

If you want an overview of the area covered by these mapping tasks so far,
you'll find one here:

Happy mapping!


Claire Halleux
+243 81 611 6998 (Kinshasa, DRC)
OpenStreetMap RDC

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