[HOT] Practical Action in Bolivia is fundraising!

Leon Lizon Leon.Lizon at practicalaction.org
Mon Dec 9 17:42:54 UTC 2019

Hello HOT community:

My name is Leon, I'm from Bolivia, I'm an environmental engineer currently working as a GIS specialist in NGO Practical Action in Bolivia.

This year, the Amazon was hit by raging forest fires, which caused the highest rates of deforestation in a decade. In Bolivia alone, the fires destroyed more than three million hectares in the Amazon region, causing widespread damage to the biodiversity, killing animals and harming livelihoods.

In the municipality of San Ignacio de Velasco, the fires were an extra burden on top of a long drought season, from which communities are struggling to recover. Reports in mid-September were that over 120 communities are affected by the fires, this involves not only the eco-diversity and animals (15,000 animals ay risk) but also, the live hoods of the population.

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D5AE96.7ACA66B0]
To improve and complement early recovery activities, we propose to generate a Community-based Geographic Information System. This mechanism will allow the population to identify and map their different needs, thus making geographic information rapidly available to public institutions, aid entities, researchers and even the private sector, consequently contributing to the timely and adequate response of early recovery.

Our team involves not only OSM_Bolivia team members, but also staff in the Municipality and a large association of indigenous woman. Donations will be used in equipment (laptops and smathphones) for the mapping activities and for workshops for expand the mapper community.

Visit our donation page for more information about our project, any amount helps!


Thank you!

PD: Don´t doubt to contact me for more details.

Leon Lizon Romano
Especialista Sistemas de Información Geográfica

Practical Action
Soluciones Prácticas
Oficina de Bolivia
Presbítero Medina 2922, Sopocachi, La Paz, Bolivia
T. (591) 2 2119345
M. (591) 67133324

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