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Rupert Allan rupert.allan at hotosm.org
Wed Jan 9 16:28:20 UTC 2019

Hi Jorieke,

Ivan has an sms-based tracker he has been developing. Advantage is that,
whilst using a gps-enabled phone, it can send without data network. It is
developed specifically for fleet.
We in Uganda track with OSMAnd, which gives analytics (slope, altitude,
speed) in the field, but it consumes battery, so needs a power feed really
(we use the motorbike battery).
 We have considered using OSM Tracker, but want to keep with simplicity by
minimising apps used, so we haven't tried it.
Above seem like some good options, too, although open source is always
preferred, of course! Check Ivan's thoughts.



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On Wed, Jan 9, 2019, 6:51 PM Jorieke Vyncke <jorieke.vyncke at gmail.com wrote:

> Thanks a lot for all your suggestions!
> I suppose easy to use is core, so options with manually copying traces is
> probably not the best solution.
> However I will forward all your suggestions to Last, and will leave it up
> to him to decide what is the best option for them on the ground!
> If there are more ideas, they still welcome :)
> Thanks a lot!
> Jorieke
> Op wo 9 jan. 2019 om 14:26 schreef Pierre BĂ©land <pierzenh at yahoo.fr>:
>> Hi Jorieke
>> There are small vehicule gps logger, some very precise reading various
>> satellite networks. I tried a Columbus. It did work very well but could not
>> replace the battery.
>> Search simply for vehicule gps logger. This Ebay link show various
>> models, some with an USB connection and / or sim card.
>> https://www.ebay.ca/sch/i.html?_nkw=vehicle+gps+data+logger
>> regard
>> Pierre
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