[HOT] Mkushi province and Open Location Code

Bjoern Hassler bjohas at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 11:57:52 UTC 2019

Dear friends,

we're supporting government health workers in Mkushi province (Zambia), and
we're hoping to use plus codes for better identification of households in
need of support. Plus codes work in OSMAnd and Maps.Me (8 digit codes only
it  seems, unless anybody has info on this). However, you cannot search for
them in OSM.org, which makes for an inconsistent user experience. I
therefore put this proposal together
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposal_Open_Location_Code. It's
primarily about plus codes support in the search, but it would be nice to
be able to get plus codes out of OSM as well (e.g. under what's here or
show address).

Tom Hughes was kind enough to put up a trial, so people can test this out,
see e.g.
and obviously search for your own codes. This is only a trial and this only
supports long codes (not short codes).

Let me know what you think, and do contribute questions, concerns and
suggestions to the above wiki page. There have been concerns raised that
discussion around such new features could be very self-selecting, so if you
know of others who may have positive and particularly critical views,
please do forward this message.

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