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Carly Redhead carly.redhead at hotosm.org
Mon Oct 19 19:55:46 UTC 2020

Forwarding on a request from Housing, Lands, and Properties Maps (HLP Maps):

*"HLP Maps is looking for a consultant, preferably this month, October, to
develop a platform to map the areas of war and conflict, the project aims
to document the property rights of displaced and refugees. To achieve this,
they need a platform, very similar to OSM, where mappers can map the
properties, but with more features to tag them based on their status;
legal, physical, and occupancies, etc.The platform requires a claiming form
where claimants can upload their info and documents to the cloud. This has
to be very confidential as that info might put their owner in danger.
However, the general info in the claim can be displayed on the map, like
the legal status and physical. Also, if a property is already claimed, it
has to be given a specific colour.The platform also requires some videos
and a blog to promote for its work, and a comment section. For more
details, please contact Tameem Emam at tameememam at gmail.com
<tameememam at gmail.com> who can share more information with anyone

Note: I don't have more information on this request - sharing in case
anyone in the community is interested in supporting. Do follow up with
Tameem if so!

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