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Philippe Verdy verdyp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 08:35:13 UTC 2021

Resurrecting an effort for Josm o Flash, which is no longer supported and
also not viable on many environments where it is blocked since long, for ob
ious security and privacy reasons, as well as severe bugs and limitations
in its single unisolated VM that bypasses cross-sites and cross-apps
delineation, is a very poor idea. Josm would be more useful if hosted in
Javascript, or Python, or may be Lua. Who wants to learn and maintain
ActiveScript? Better go with Javascript frameworks, which the nearest
environment, that has a very active community and many open repositories
for reusable components.
Beside that, Java remains good even in its Android incarnation for mobiles,
and tablets, and which will soon work natively in Windows 10 supporting Apk
and Google Play apps. As well, for targeting iOS and MacOS. Java is
definitely not dead like Flash!

Le ven. 1 janv. 2021 à 21:29, Jiri Vlasak <jiri.hubacek at gmail.com> a écrit :

> > So for those people who are using work laptops and are forbidden to
> install
> > JAVA it is a viable alternative.
> Have you tried JOSM on flash? https://mapathon-cz.gitlab.io/josm-on-flash/
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