[HOT] [OSM-talk] Potlatch 3 for desktop

Pat Tressel ptressel at myuw.net
Sun Jan 3 03:01:38 UTC 2021

If anyone continues this thread, please remove recipient "Richard" from the
CC list.  He has contacted me separately to ask to not be CC'd.
(Obviously, if he is on one of the mailing lists, he'll still get the
messages that way.)

As noted, because this thread seems to have been CC'd to the HOT list
without the original context, all I can see from the first post that went
to the HOT list is that it is about wanting to edit from a work laptop, on
which one does not have installation privileges, and from the subject,
suggesting an option for doing that.  So it's not accurate to say the
original poster wanted a way to specifically run JOSM on their work laptop.

So the obvious question arises...why not edit using iD via a browser? or
Potlatch via a browser, if available?  If an in-browser tool was ruled out
in the part of the discussion prior to when it was sent to the HOT mailing
list, then that won't be acceptable.

Please, in future, if you are going to add a second mailing list in the
middle of a discussion, include enough context that we can tell what the
discussion was about.  That will lead to less annoyance for people in the
earlier discussion.  Thanks in advance!

I won't be replying to any more messages in this thread unless the original
poster confirms this material is relevant.
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