[HOT] Adhoc maps? Are we using uMap correctly?

Valent Turkovic valent at otvorenamreza.org
Tue Jan 5 15:28:11 UTC 2021

as you probably know, the center of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake was in

Hrvoje is doing an amazing job running the Ushahidi map that helps a lot of
civil and humanitarian organizations.

I'm part of a humanitarian telecommunications team, we have a lot of
volunteers wanting to help so we need adhoc maps that would help us to
quickly organise and help as many people as possible.

We need a map platform that we can have multiple editors, so we tried using
umap and our map is located here -

But we can't figure out why the button labeled "Update permissions and
editors" is now working. We would like to have multiple editors. Any ideas
how to enable umap to have multiple editors? Is this possible? If not, is
there any other solution that you would suggest we try?

If this is not the right mailing list, please point me in the right

Kind regards,
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