[Imports-us] United States Bicycle Route System

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Jun 1 11:33:02 UTC 2014

Greetings Import Community,

The USBRS has been being "imported" into OSM since at least May 2011, 
when A Particular User Who Is Now Banned created USBR 20 in Michigan. 
In short, a mess was made, but now there is no mess:  it is beautiful.

For between one and three years, I have endeavored to clean this up, 
channeling our national consensus of bicycle routes in the USA into 
OSM.  Recently, this was characterized as "an import."  I am left 
with little choice but to accept that decision, though I remain 
confused as to how that decision was arrived at, as I (and many 
others now) simply enter into OSM what is before our very eyes. 
These data are perhaps two to a few dozen route relations in OSM, 
depending on how you count (super-relations, proposals...it is a 
bubbling brew and I am not putting my finger on an exact number at 
this instant).

So, as any good OSM citizen should when smacked upside the head like 
so, I now endeavor to follow Import Guidelines.  This feels new (this 
list has only been here since 2013).  This feels foreign (I've never 
posted here, though I have politely read this list since its 
inception).  This includes posting here.  As I say, Greetings.

There is now the requisite one-line entry in the Import/Catalogue 
which I believe states what it must.  The USBRS is the network of 
national bicycle routes in the USA.  You can read about how and by 
whom via those links.  The organization (AASHTO) is the same one that 
designates Interstate highways in the United States of America, 
and/or AASHTO designates Adventure Cycling Association as their proxy 
and/or partner.  Ultimately, these (routes) are being stated by the 
People of the 50 states.

Import Guidelines appear to have five steps to check off.  I think 
we're done with 1, 2, 3, 5 and with this post I'm trying to lick the 
last stamp on 4 (Import Review).  I could be wrong about being 
complete, and if I am, I humbly ask to be steered gently to any 
required correction.

OK, has everybody got all that?  Are we done?  Thank you.  I'll 
cheerfully answer any questions.

Steve All
Acting "coach" on WikiProject_U.S._Bicycle_Route_System (though it is 
an endeavor by many)

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