[Imports-us] County Road name expansion

Eric Jiang eric at doublemap.com
Wed Jun 11 20:20:12 UTC 2014

Hi US mappers,
I'm in the middle of an address import with a lot of street-name
mismatches that happen because of county road names. For example:

addr:street=West 50 South
Street name:
name=County Road W 50 South

I have been manually expanding name="County Road W 50 South" to
"County Road West 50 South" and changing addr:street="West 50 South"
to "County Road West 50 South" so that they match.

My questions are:

1) Was this simply an oversight in the original import and expansion?
2) Would this be a good candidate for bot fixup? It seems like a regex
wouldn't be so hard.


Eric Jiang, DoubleMap
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