[Imports] Bulk Upload of full country data

Jaak Laineste jaak at nutiteq.com
Wed Aug 12 13:02:31 BST 2009

 Depends also on how good your existing coverage, if it is much worse than
new, and with poor tagging, then you could just also do delete and replace,
but discuss and agree it with existing contributors beforehand.

 If you have a lot of existing valuable stuff then I would download current
data as shapefiles (can get easily from cloudmade.com or geofabrik.de),
remove existing valuable overlapping data from the new dataset, convert new
data to OSM, tag and upload it carefully. "Spatial diff" is the tricky part
here, you need to know and maybe also script GIS tools to do it. Or can
anyone suggest good tools for it?

 I actually need this "diff" tool too: I have already imported a detailed
city dataset (contributed by city government), and now, some 6 months later,
I got update with a lot of extra streets; but earlier streets were already
extra tagged (one-way etc) which should not be lost.


> I have a complete set of all road data, national parks and rivers that
> I was
> thinking of uploading. The data is currently in shp format, but canbe
> converted to osm. Now, my question is, what would you all suggest I do,
> upload all, andif so, what about the data currenlty on OSM. I will not
> replace any point data, but only roads and parks. The reason for
> replacing
> of roads is because some of the roads on OSM is currently incorrect, so
> to
> try and zoom into the detail to manually fix every road will take
> forever
> Any suggestions?
> Andre Schoonbee
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