[Imports] Importing US NHD Coastal areas

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Wed Aug 19 18:31:11 BST 2009

I am preparing an import of some coastal areas.

  1.)  What type of cleanup work is typically involved in a coastal area 
before upload?    I seem to find much overlap with the already-placed 
intracoastal waterways, but cannot figure out the proper way to resolve it.

 2.)  The NHD data has a type ForeShore (36400) which the wiki lists as 
mapping to "water=tidal" , however this is not explicitly listed in any of 
the standard conversion scripts.

  3.) The script shape_to_osm-Flowline.py doesn't properly handle empty 
reach codes.   I have this diff -

< VERSION="0.3"
> VERSION="0.4"
> # Version 0.4 Handle type NONE for reach code
<         reachcode = int(poFeature.GetField("ReachCode") )
< 	if reachcode != None:
< 	    tags["NHD:ReachCode"] = reachcode
>         reachcodeField = poFeature.GetField("ReachCode")
> 	if reachcodeField != None:
>             tags["NHD:ReachCode"] = int(reachcodeField)

   Is there anyone who can post the corrected script?

 3.)  The script polyshp2osm-Area.py faulted in the call GetNextFeature() 
when skipping past an Ocean type Fcode.   I cannot spot any error in the 
script, but I can work around this by not excluding any sea/ocean areas, 
then manually removing them from the converted data.   Has anyone else seen 
this, and is there a different workaround?



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