[Imports] Toronto, Vancouver, & Edmonton data terms of use

Katie Filbert filbertk at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 01:49:44 GMT 2010

I am inquiring about data provided by the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, and
Edmonton -- all essentially have the same terms of use, almost word-for-word
-- and want to identify what the specific problems are with the terms of


The problems that I see include:

* "If you distribute or provide access to these datasets to any other person
* "Upon the request of the City, you may be required to remove a credit from
future uses..."
* "You assume sole responsibility for your use and reproduction of the
datasets and for complying with all applicable laws and industry standards."
* The entire "Liability for Not Complying with Terms of Use" section of the
* The "Cancellation for Non-Compliance" section
* No Waiver section
* I'm also not sure about the governing law and jurisdiction part

For comparison, see the terms of use for data from the DC (Washington DC)
government, which we can import: http://data.octo.dc.gov/TermsOfUse.aspx

I know a bit about licenses, but not 100% sure about this.  Are any of the
above, in fact not a problem for us?  What additional problems are there
with the terms of use?  Can anyone elaborate on the points above and advise?


Katie Filbert
filbertk at gmail.com
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