[Imports] User Import of Australian data

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 00:06:06 GMT 2010

Yup, for the imports list.
The term 'post-osm-import database' is need to be explained here.

Where this database exists (like OpenStreetBugs exists) just outside of OSM.
OsmImportsMap.org where there is a JOSM plugin (as well as a web
interface) and all the data thats available gets put into it.

So the sytem has a way to know weather or not a user has done anything
with the data, as a ID is assigned to each piece of importable data.

So with this OsmImportsMap.org site, we would have a direct link to
the Canada NRCan ftp directory & unzip the files and available in this
post-osm database.

The advantage is:
1- the reviewed=yes is embedded within the system of OSM-id.
2 - the whole community is involved
3 - the login is the same as OSM
4 - we are not interfering with existing OSM data
5 - it gets treated in the same way that WMS layers are 'its just
another source of info'
6 - the Coraine import is a perfect example, it can be addapted to
except more data to its back end.
6 - as the NRCan data gets updated, the version of the .osm files that
are sitting on the NRC an ftp site, will be directly fed to the
OsmImportsMap.org (post-osm-database) -so the front end users will be
always working with the latest data available.


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