[Imports] [nzopengis] Re: LINZ import Status

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 12:24:43 GMT 2010

Hi all,
>From my experiences.
1 -you need to cc: the imports at openstreetmap.org list (and be on this
list for all those interested) during discussions (we can help you)
2 - import a test area to debate the tags that should be used. People
have a hard time visualizing if its just a chart. (Ucluelet, BC was
Canada's test area)

3 - list the tags to be used on wiki pages. From my experience, a
google docs chart works to understand how many map features are
available & the complexity of it, but the wiki chart to list all the
categories of tags as nice clean wiki-tables. (378 unique features for
Canada, if i remember right)
4 -make sure all the tags your using is listed as a OSM map feature,
or at least 'proposed'.
5 - have a direct link to the 'terms of servace url page' from LINZ on
your import status page.
The TOS will state if it is needed to add 'attribution=Land
Information New Zealand' to each tag or changeset (the changeset is
should be just fine since it is clear on the wiki as anyone can find
6 -have a 'source=http... Wms layer or .osm file' added to every map
feature are importing or (copying in) or (tracing) the last 2 is
prefered. (just like we use source=gps; yahoo! Tracing or whatever is
common locally. (i use 'source=Land Information Ontario WMS layer' for
my tracing so far.
7 - have a note on the wiki with a link to the legal talk archives.
AFAIK, no one has objected (use the main talk@ list to announce the

OSM-imports, just like mapping your town, does not happen untill
someone volunteers to sort through the source data & put it on wiki
charts (or googleDocs chart, and invites others to help edit)

We have learned through experience, that what i described above, will
prevent the mistakes of TIGER, AND and a few others.

Also, New Zealand is the only country without a talk-nz at osm mailing
list. Which means that there are more GIS professionals on this list,
than casual OSM mappers? This is a good thing, because (as Rob noted)
your import process will be much better.

On 3/16/10, Robin Paulson <robin.paulson at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 16 March 2010 22:11, Andrew Simpson > We've been around this loop
> at least three times now.  This culminated in a
>> very long thread on this mailing list last September, where the consensus
>> was
>> that new licence, old licence - it didn't matter.
>> And yes, we've been to legal-talk list on at least two occasions too.  One
>> of them was by you, and one was by me.
>> Can we please stop re-hashing the same old line about waiting for the new
>> licence - just in case...?
>> As I said last September, if people keep putting up roadblocks, the import
>> will never happen and OpenStreetMap will be the worse off for it.
> you're right, but missing my badly explained point
> this isn't just about the new license, waiting for it or otherwise.
> it's about the best way to:
> a) do the attribution
> b) make sure we don't make any mistakes in other areas. there have
> been dozens of imports around the world, we'd be dumb not to learn
> form them
> and to be honest, i've come to the conclusion that for whatever
> reason, justifiably or not, the odbl is so far off, that waiting for
> it is, you're right, hurting us. it was promised 2 years back, and
> still it's in progress, which pisses me off. however, that doesn't
> mean we can't ask for advice on how to do this
> OR
> ignore the guessing on the legal list, and my paranoia:
> and do what several people on the legal list have said, i.e. ask linz
> if the attribution method we have is ok
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