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Ian Dees ian.dees at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 00:19:29 UTC 2010

This looks good. Some suggestions:

1) Try to do it in geographically small regions. i.e. one city or smallish
bounding box at a time
2) Use an obvious username
3) Make the turnaround time quick enough so as to reduce conflicts (this
goes hand in hand with #1)

On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 2:56 PM, Hardgrave, Roman
<rhardgrave at mapquest.com>wrote:

> Hello,
> We are considering doing a translation project to add some westernized
> names
> to roads and places in several Asian cities.  We're planning to start with
> Beijing and see how it goes.  We wanted to get feedback on our plan from
> the
> community before we got started.
> The idea is to add name:en attributes to any Node or Way that has existing
> data in the name attribute.  Also, if the existing name attribute contained
> westernized names (rather than native), we'd move that data from the name
> attribute to the name:en attribute.
> We'll be providing our translators a spreadsheet where they can add/move
> the
> data.  Here's the step by step process on how we're planning to extract and
> then import the data back into OSM.
> 1) Export the osm files out of the master OSM data given a bounding box
>    -Use JOSM, XAPI or the OSM web based export given a bounding box
> 2) Run a script to chew through the osm file and look for any nodes and
> ways
> that have a name attribute but not a name:en attribute.  For those that fit
> the bill, capture the following data into a csv:
>    a) Node or Way
>    b) Node or Way Id
>    c) Version
>    d) Name Native
> 2a) Possibly add functionality to the script to look for westernized
> charactersets in the native field and either flag it or move it
> automatically
> 3) Give the csv to translator.  They translate (via Excel) and then export
> out a csv:
>    a) Node or Way
>    b) Node or Way Id
>    c) Version
>    d) Name Native
>    e) Name English
> 4) Download the osm data again to get latest set
> 5) Reform the osm data file with the new translated fields by inserting xml
> tags for the native and english language attribute for nodes/ways, matching
> by ID
>    a) Would check first that the Version is the same before updating
>    b) Ones with different Versions would be retrieved for manual
> inspection/resolution
> 6) Upload via JOSM
> We have the resources lined up to get started on this soon.  We want to
> make
> sure our plan and process look good.  Thank you for any feedback you can
> provide.
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