[Imports] Massachusetts road data

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For the ortho and obliques the bigest issue is getting them out of their current format, we actually already have an online map of them that was set up by a private company who didn't give us much documentation.  The files are stored with a .par extention which I havn't had too much luck finding documentation on.  
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Paul Norman wrote:
> 1. Host them with a WMS server
> 2. Host them using TMS (tiled slippymap images)
> 3. Offer them for download as GeoTIFF or MrSID


> Both 1 and 2 work with JOSM. I believe only TMS works with Potlach2, but I
> don't know as I don't use Potlach. 

"3" works for JOSM too (ImportImage plugin) albeit with limitations 
(image size etc.).

It is true that Potlatch doesn't do WMS natively but there are simple 
and more elaborate (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tirex) ways of 
serving a WMS as tiles for consumption by Potlatch.


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