[Imports] Please help sanity check: Somalia road tags

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Sat Aug 20 20:41:19 UTC 2011

Hello, gang.

TL;DR: I want advice on the tagging scheme illustrated here: http://iconocla.st/hot/so/roads_translation.txt

I am ready to import the ~28k road segments we have from MadMappers for Somalia that are more than 500m from an existing OSM road, as discussed in previous emails.

Most roads in Somalia are unpaved, even the major ones; therefore, with the very little attribute data we have, it is hard to know exactly how to tag the roads. I have taken some educated guesses on the tags generated by the ogr2osm translation step, and would really like feedback before I proceed with the import.


If a road is a "major road" or even an ordinary "road" but unpaved, do we still regard them as "primary" or "secondary"?

We have learned from a number of sources that the "geological tracks" in the dataset are graded tracks made by geological surveys, with very little in the way of maintenance. We have confirmed their existence via ground imagery, but we were cautioned to regard them as extremely unreliable in terms of road surface quality; hence they are getting tagged "tracktype=grade5".

Any insights anyone can offer would be most welcome. Thank you!


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