[Imports] Bus data for Fairfax Connector, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Wed Aug 31 04:06:11 UTC 2011

On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Metcalf, Calvin (DOT)
<calvin.metcalf at state.ma.us> wrote:
> sorry lost power all yesterday and wasn't able to keep up, so the google transit/next bus data that fairfax already puts out doesn't have real stop names in the stops.txt file? if not what is there real time bus app that they have on their site using to refer to stops?

FFX Co hasn't released a GTFS feed yet. I think the only travel
planners that use their data is WMATAs, and a quick check there shows
that it seems to use the "on_street @ at_street" convention. I asked
my FCDOT contact, and he says that the only "name" they have for the
stops is an alpha-numeric label, which belongs more in ref=* than

After thinking about it a bit, I don't think I'll import the
information into name=*, but rather put it in description=*, unless I
get a better suggestion. Of course for those stops that truly do have
a name, we can add that. Otherwise, the "name" of "on_street @
at_street" is really just inferred from nearby data, which data
consumers (routers) can do themselves, especially easily and
accurately if public_transport=stop_area relations are used (though
closest intersecting ways should be fine 99% of the time).

Any other suggestions for this import+merge? If not, then I'll
manually merge the data sometime in the next week and post the results
for review before uploading. We have the FFX Co internal id in
ffx:stopid so we should be able to easily update fields in the future,
e.g. if they decide on official names for the stops.


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