[Imports] import of data from LINZ

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 03:21:46 BST 2012

hi all,
my name's robin, i'm involved with mapping in new zealand. we have
been given access and permission to import data from LINZ (land
information new zealand), who manage land parcel data in nz. the
information we have from them is huge, and is not limited to land
parcels. there are 150+ layers, including roads.

i am posting here to ensure a proper consultative process is carried
out, as outlined on the imports page. we have already engaged the
community in new zealand, and made assurances that no existing data
will be overwritten/deleted/modified, without discussing with the
community first.

the community is mainly centred around the nzopengis list on google
groups, with personal relationships between other mappers.

this is the first mass import many of us in nz have carried out, so
we're not entirely sure of the process from here.

LINZ have given osm permission to import the data under either
CC-BY-SA 2.0 or ODBL - a number of mappers have been in close contact
with this and other departments, including via koordinates.com (a
local GIS company, who's employees are also members of the osm
community) who are also carrying out the technical side of things.

koordinates have assigned a body to work on the import project, he is
currently developing a web application through which we can:
a) convert the data to .osm format, including tag translation, the
details of which the community has been involved in
b) import the data
c) allow mappers to allocate a portion of the map to themselves, so it
can be merged

at all steps, koordinates are keeping the rest of the community up to
date on progress

so, we assume we have missed something, and i am here to ask for
assistance. is there anything we need to cover?

progress so far is detailed here:


http://fu.ac.nz - Auckland's Free University

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