[Imports] National Land Survey of Finland data imports

Pekka Sarkola Pekka.Sarkola at poscon.fi
Mon Jan 23 11:24:32 GMT 2012

Dear Folks,


I presume that mainly list members are not familiar about National Land
Survey of Finland's open data activities. Very shortly: NLS will open their
topographic datasets (from 1:20k to 1:1M) with very open data license


Read more:


List of products is here: http://www.maanmittauslaitos.fi/en/node/9262


I have several times discussed with NLS people about data license and OSM
data license (old and new). It is obvious that we can import NLS data sets
to be part of OSM.


OSM activists in Finland will join to meeting on 6th of Feb in Helsinki to
discuss about this. More information here:
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Fi:OSM_Finland_Meeting_2012 (in Finnish).
If somebody need more information in English, please don't hesitate to send
email to me or ask via mailing list.


There is also very preliminary plan documentation (also in Finnish):







Pekka Sarkola

Pekka.Sarkola at poscon.fi

GSM 040 725 2042



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